A little bit of New Zealand in San Diego

One of Seaport Village's newest additions is, The Cabbage Tree- New Zealand Creationz. This store brings a little bit of New Zealand to San Diego. It has only been open for a couple of months and it is already a hit! The following email was sent to The Cabbage Tree's manager and she was kind of enough to share it with yours truly:


I was in your wonderful store several times on Wed, April 16th. I do not know if you would remember me, but I was the woman on the cane. I am so thrilled with your store and would love to order some more things. I know you said you do not have the on line ordering available as of yet, but I would love to order somethings for Mother's Day.......would that be possible? I do not think I can express to you how much your store opened my eyes and touched my heart. It is a beautiful, harmonious place that I would love to visit again and again.

Thank you, Kris Gagne

Hopefully this glowing review will move you to visit our little piece of New Zealand!

Your Kiwi, Boardwalk Betty