9 Ways to Celebrate a Sunny Day in San Diego (Everyday)

San Diego weather is nice and warm all year-round, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to visit. With the sun always shining, there is no reason to stay indoors.

But how can locals take advantage of the great weather? Here are a few tips on celebrating vibrant, sunny days in San Diego.

1. Indulge in Ice Cream

See how fast you can eat your Cookies and Cream before it melts.

2. Go For a Run

Get your vitamin D while challenging a seagull for a run by the bay.

3. Grab a Beer at an Outdoor Bar

Recap last week’s Game of Thrones Episode over a cold one.

4. Catch up on Your Favorite Reads

Jump into District 9 with Katniss Everdeen while relaxing in the shade.

5. Enjoy a Delicious Patio Brunch

Appreciate some salmon and sunrays. Sunny days and brunch go hand in hand.

6. Fly a Kite or 4

Clear your mind and enjoy the gentle coastal winds.

7. Get a New Pair of Shades

Forgot your sunnies? No worries. Rock your California cool all day.

8. Watch the Boats Go By

Maybe you don’t own one, but watching them cruise by is just as pleasant.

9. Ride a Bike with Some Friends

Travel through some of San Diego’s best spots on a beach cruiser.

And the best part? You can enjoy all of these things at Seaport Village! 

See you around the boardwalk!

Boardwalk Betty