7 Good Eats You Are Missing Out in San Diego

Nowadays, everyone is a foodie or a food blogger.  If you have a camera phone and an instagram, you’re a food blogger.  It’s that easy.  So, I’m sure you see a lot of dishes going around your newsfeeds.  But, no one talks about the hidden gems.  Well, here are 7 of the most delicious dishes and restaurants in San Diego.

1.  Soda & Swine-University Heights

Make sure you try the Brussels sprouts!

2.  Prep Kitchen- Little Italy

Prep kitchen has a good variety of food, but the steak is divine. 

3. Pizzeria Mozza- The Headquarters  

I could eat Pizzeria Mozza every single day.  It’s beyond delicious.   Recommendation:  The Funghi Pizza

4. Cucina Urbana- Banker’s Hill

If you’re a San Diegan, you know how amazing Cucina Urbana is.  Italian food with a modern twist!

5. Barrio Star- Banker’s Hill

Barrio Star is the place where you have a few drinks with some girlfriends before and after you enjoy the best tacos ever! Their Day of the Dead mood is just perfect. 

6. Greek Islands Café- Seaport Village

No other place in San Diego does Greek the way Greek Islands Café does.  The family owned restaurant serves authentic Greek dishes daily on the waterfront.  What’s better than that!

7. Plumeria Vegetarian- University Heights

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, this is the place to be in town. All their dishes use organic vegetables when available.   Now you won’t feel bad about splurging on a dish.  

Is anyone else getting really hungry?  Go, my friends and dish away!  Let me know how you like the places.

Boardwalk Betty