5 Things You Didn't Know About Seaport Village

You’ve all walked through the enchanting streets of Seaport Village, but do you know the fun facts that truly make Seaport Village unique?  Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Seaport Village. 

1. Seaport Village is built on landfill over Punta de los Muertos 

It was where the Spanish Expedition of 1782 buried those who died of scurvy. 

2. The Historic Carousel was built in 1895 and it features hand carved animals 

The ride was originally built by the legendary Charles I. D. Looff in Riverside, Rhode Island and had several different homes before it landed in San Diego.

3. The village was designed to be a car-free environment

This is why it features 4 miles of winding paths instead of streets. 

4. Before the very popular Surfin’ Santa Arrival, Seaport Village’s Christmas event was called "Deck the Palms"!

Santa coming in on a jetpack is way more fun, don’t you think?

5. Harbor House Restaurant was the first restaurant at Seaport Village

The restaurant was established in 1980 and still serves delicious seafood today!

Bet you didn’t know all these insider secrets, huh?  Seaport Village is so much more than its beautiful exterior.

Boardwalk Betty