5 Shops You Didn't Realize Were in Seaport Village

The good people over at Expedia came down to our little Village to explore!  They walked around and discovered things they didn’t know were here.  We love it when people rediscover out little gem on the bay.  We invited them to do a guest blog and this was the result.  Enjoy!

Seaport Village, which is tucked away at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Kettner Boulevard in San Diego, California, features an enticing collection of shops. At Expedia Viewfinder, we’re drawn to quirky spots with small businesses that exude personality, so we were on a mission to find out about the must-visit stores in Seaport Village. We paired up with the Seaport Village team to reveal five shops visitors may not realize were located in this seaside destination:

Captain's Cove

Seaport Village’s location is the perfect place for a shop selling all things nautical. At Captain's Cove, visitors can find everything from beach chic decor to pirate memorabilia. The shop owner, better known as The Captain, has brought in items from around the world that capture the spirit of the sea. There are T-shirts for beach-loving Jimmy Buffet fans and ship bells to mark dinnertime with a unique sound. Visitors can also browse through mermaid statues and buoys that bring the motion of the ocean to an outdoor space with effortless style.

California Candle Gallery

Anyone who thinks every candle is the same clearly has never visited the California Candle Gallery. Part shop and part artist's studio, the California Candle Gallery is a unique destination in Seaport Village. Step inside and admire the wax artists hard at work, using a patented process to cut wax into a variety of layers. The result is a candle customized with an image, word, phrase, or even a photo replica personally requested by the buyer. Along with casting a glowing light and smelling fantastic, these candles are a way to say thank you, congratulations, or simply show appreciation for a loved one.

American Nostalgia

Shoppers who are reminiscent of the good old days of the 1950s will love the incredible collection of wares for sale in American Nostalgia. Transport to the past through vintage car prints, posters featuring icons like Marilyn Monroe, and Coca-Cola® collectibles. Visitors will also find memorabilia from a range of classic shows, films, and characters throughout history. Even those who aren't planning to make a purchase can easily spend hours browsing the unique offerings and remembering the past.

Apple Box Toys

Forget about electronics, tablets, and all the other high-tech toys found in most children's toy chests. Instead, head to Apple Box, a toy store that takes fun right back to the basics. Believe it or not, nothing in the collection of more than 1,500 toys will require a battery. Everything on the shelves is made from wood, which creates solid, sturdy, and long-lasting gifts that kids will love. Find puzzles, wooden decor, trucks, cars, and more from Apple Box Toys.

Seaport Oils, Vinegars and Wine

For foodies, Seaport Oils, Vinegars, and Wine might feel like heaven on Earth. Not only is the shop filled with enticing aromas, there is also the opportunity to sample the tasty products before making a purchase. Dip chunks of local bread into tangy balsamic vinegars and rich olive oils, and then bring home a bottle of California wine to remember the experience.

Seaport Village is the ultimate shopping spot for everything from tasty treats to one-of-a-kind souvenirs. During your travels to this SoCal destination, browse the goods and purchase pieces that embody San Diego’s undeniable charm.  

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Expedia Staff Writer