2016 Busker Festival / Buskers After Dark Photo Contest

The 2016 Seaport Village  Spring Busker Festival is back, March 5-6 from 12pm-6pm! With all that fire, juggling, tumbling and unicycling you're bound to take some great photos!

How Does it Work?

Similar to our past photo contests, send us your most awesome photo from Busker Festival 2016. You can also submit photos from Buskers After Dark, occuring Saturday night from 7pm-10pm for our 18+ attendees. Send your favorite photo to info@seaportvillage.com by March 11th. I will then post all of the photos submitted onto the blog and ask our readers to vote for a winner!

What is the Prize?

The photo with the most votes will win a $50 gift certificate valid at all of the Seaport Village and Headquarters shops and restaurants! 

With all of the amazing acts in this year's lineup, I know all of your photos will be fantastic!

Remember, the deadline to submit is March 11th (send to info@seaportvillage.com to be entered in our contest). 

Good Luck!

Busker Betty