2015 Spring Busker Festival & Buskers After Dark

It’s almost time for another Busker Festival  and Buskers After Dark.  If you’ve been to our previous Busker Festivals, you know how exciting and unique it is.  For new visitors, welcome.  Let us explain the festival to you.

For those of you who don’t know what a busker is, Buskers are popular across the globe, they are public street performers known for their unusual and awe-inspiring acts. San Francisco’s Pier 39, Boston’s Faneuil Hall and London’s Covent Gardens are locations known to have vibrant busker scenes that showcase this incredible street art.

Seaport Village will hold its 9th annual Busker Festival on March 7-8th, 12 pm – 6 pm.  Did you know our Busker Festival is the only one of its kind in California?  Each year, the festival brings 10-12 buskers from around the world to perform for all of you wonderful people.

And of course we also have Buskers After Dark, which is the risqué side of Busker Festival.  This event is 18 and over starting at 7 pm on March 7th at the Seaport Village food court.  Our food court eateries will have food and beer specials, so make sure to come early to grab a bite and find a spot for the show. 

We’re so excited to invite you all back again for another thrilling Busker Festival.   We also can’t wait to introduce our Busker line-up very soon.  Stay tuned!

Boardwalk Betty