2011 Seaport Village Holiday Decor

We here at Seaport Village had a friendly holiday decorating contest.  The holidays are fun, right?  So we though we would have fun!  Stores decorated for the season and last night the judgest went around and picked the winners.  There were 3 categories: Best Overall, Most Creative & Most San Diegan.  After much deliberation the winners were chose.  So without further ado... The winners of the 2011 Seaport Village Hoiday Decor Contest are...

Best Overall: The Village Hat Shop

It doesn't snow in San Diego but it does at The Village Hat Shop!  Great job.

IMG_5405 IMG_5407 IMG_5409 IMG_5410

Most San Diegan: Hot Licks

Between their life size Surfin' Santa and red chili pepper decorations, Hot Licks really broght the Southern Calinfornia style. With all the red lights at night, it really pops! Awesome job Hot Licks.

IMG_5416 IMG_5419 IMG_5420

Most Creative: Alamo Flags

All of the decoration at Alamo Flags were the brain of... a child!  One of Alamo Flags employee's children thought up the brilliant idea behind their eco-friendly ornaments.  Crative and festive you guys, kudos.

IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5413


Honorable mentions go to: The Historic Carousel, Sinfilicious Bodycare & Best of San Diego.

Really, all of the decorations are great in their own special way.  But the only way you will ever know that is if you come down to Seaport Village and check it out for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  I promise.

Happy Holidays,

Boardwalk Betty