FREE Cone Day is back at Ben & Jerry’s on April 14th! And did I mention it’s FREE?

This is an annual event at Ben & Jerry’s , ever since its first anniversary in 1979. Ben & Jerry’s continues to invite all their cone lovers out to celebrate and take the opportunity to say thank you for another year...

Book- TBD

Book Club meets every 3rd Monday of the Month for a discussion on the selected book of the month. Book Club is open to everyone. Join us in the discussion or listen in if you haven't read the book but are interested. Book Club members also get 25% off the selected book of the month.

San Diego weather is nice and warm all year-round, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to visit. With the sun always shining, there is no reason to stay indoors.

But how can locals take advantage of the great weather? Here are a few tips on celebrating vibrant, sunny days in San Diego.

1. Indulge in Ice Cream

See how fast...