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Competing Acts at Seaport Village

These acts are competing for the 2017 People’s Choice Award

Alex Clark

With training from The Groundlings Theater Company, Cirque Du Soleil and a hippie-run arts high school, Alex Clark creates a show that is entertaining on every level. Jaw-dropping tricks, quick-witted comedy and mile-a-minute improv are all part of the show. It's unlike anything you've ever seen. To find out more about Alex, click here. 

Circus Mafia

Circus Mafia is an internationally travelling circus performance and production company based in San Diego. Their show includes circus, contortion, hula hoops fire and more! To find out more about Circus Mafia, click here. 

The king of clean comedy. Extreme Rahim's number one mission is to uplift, encourage, delight and entertain you with live performances of magic and comedy that are thoughtful and well planned.

Fantastic Patrick

The Fantastick Patrick show is an explosion of comedy and incredible tricks. The show is great for any age group that likes to have fun! Find out more about Fantastic Patrick here.

Hillia Hula

Hula Hoop Extraordinaire Hillia mesmerizes audiences across the world with her captivating, family-friendly multi-hoop act. Watch her spin everything from a single hoop at lightning speed, flaming hoops, to a giant rainbow slinky composed of fifty hoops. 

Sam Malcolm

A perfect combination of stand-up comedy and world-class juggling skills, this entertaining street show is fun for the whole family. Off-the-cuff comedy, audience participation and an impressive grand finale with razor sharp knives and flaming torches make for a show to remember.

Sara Kunz

Sara Kunz is a Hawaii native. Her act includes acrobatic/contortion, manipulation, hula hoops and clown all meshed into one solo show. She strives to give the audience the comforting, romantic feeling of paradise combined with the thrill and excitement of a traditional circus show. To find out more about Sara, click here. 

Known as “The Balloon Man” Skip’s human balloon act is sure to bring laughs and gasps of awe. This one-of-a-kind act has helped Skip achieve national recognition on programs such as NBC’s Extreme Variety Special. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

The Strength Project

The Strength Project's show consists of acrobatic stunts, tumbling, breakdancing, comedy and motivational speaking. Preview their act here

Non-Competing Acts at Seaport Village

Mitchell Walker- Didgeridoo Player

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia potentially within the last 1,500 years and still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world. Watch Mitchell play this interesting and intriguing instrument with style and flare!

Rabindra Sarkar- Rock Balancer

Rabindra Sarkar is popularly known as the "rock star of San Diego". He can be found balancing rocks in a superhuman way.  "Rabi" is a Reiki Master and credits the energy that all things posses as the way he is able to accomplish his magical feats.

Silver Statue

Watch Eddy, the Silver Statue, come to life when given a tip, otherwise he stands so still you might not be sure he is real! 

Events at The Headquarters

Live Mural Painting with Kelsey Montague

To compliment Seaport Village's Spring Busker Festival, Kesley Montague will create a live mural in the center courtyard of The Headquarters!  She will be live painting Saturday and Sunday. Her murals specifically invite people into a piece and then invite people to share their experience online. She believes that art should not be separated from the human experience. Instead the human experience should have a hand in creating the art itself.  Come down and watch her create a very special piece of art specifically for us!

Her work has been featured by The New York TimesForbes, Entertainment Weekly,  MTV, Buzzfeed and Refinery 29.

Live Music with Manny Cepeda

To compliment Seaport Village's Spring Busker Festival, Manny Cepeda and his Salsa quartet will be in The Headquarters' Courtyard from 12 pm - 4 pm on Sunday March 5th! You may know Manny from Headquarters' Salsa Under the Stars series. Stop by to enjoy the music or feel free to Salsa dance! No partner or experience necessary to attend this free performance.