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Helpful Tips for the 2015 Busker Festival

We’re days away from the 2015 Busker Festival and Buskers After Dark. I’m here to give you some very helpful tips, so you have an amazing time at Busker Festival.


The first thing that you will have to do is find parking. 

Parking is available in the Seaport Village lots, where guests pay $3 for the first two hours with validation and $2 every 30 minutes thereafter.

There will be extra parking at the Hilton Hotel Bayfront  parking lot located on Park blvd. Free shuttles will take guests back and forth from the Hilton Bayfront to Seaport Village.  Shuttle stops will be marked with umbrella and signage. The shuttles will run every 15 minutes from 11:30am-6:30pm.  All day parking rate at the Hilton is $10.

And of course, we always encourage you all to take public transportation.  You can hop on the trolley and get off at the Seaport Village stop, or you can take the bus.  For more information on public transportation please call 1-800-commute or visit www.sdcommute.com

I suggest that you arrive at least an hour before the festival as the parking lots can get packed fast. 


This year’s acts are some of the best to date.   We will have fire stunts, awe-inspiring juggling, and incredible balancing acts. We even have a guy who folds himself inside a clear box! Wow, right? An in depth looks at each busker & their performance times can be found herehttp://www.seaportvillage.com/entertainment/busker-festival/this-years-lineup

Performances will take place at the top of every hour starting at noon in the West Plaza Fountain Area and every half hour starting at 12:30 in the East Plaza Gazebo. Buskers will also be performing, outside of their main performance times, in other parts of Seaport Village, so essentially every corner will have a busker act performing.

Outside of the 10 competing Buskers, we will have non competing acts around Seaport Village and our sister property, The Headquarters. http://theheadquarters.com/   On the first day of the festival, there will be a live body painter at The Headquarters from 2-4pm.  You have to check that out!

Make sure you pick up a day of brochure to get the scoop on all the weekend activities and performances.  Brochures can be found near the directories and at the two white tents located at each main performance stage. 


If you’re wondering if the competing buskers are competing for a prize, yes, they absolutely are! They are competing for a People's Choice Award. The busker who wins the People's Choice Award will get a $500 travel voucher so that they can bring their act on the road.  You can vote for your favorite busker at one of the two voting booths (marked by white tents) next to each of the main performance areas.

The buskers are also performing for your tips.  These buskers have traveled from all over the country to show you their art form, so let’s show them some love and come prepared to tip.

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Well, aside from all the talented acts, we will have bountiful of giveaway prizes from all of our shops  and restaurants so, get educated on all our Seaport Village shops & restaurants because our emcee will be quizzing you all with some fun trivia!

Do you have a smart phone?  Well good, because the first 50 people to check-in on Facebook at our sister property, The Headquarters during the festival hours get a $15 Seaport Village/The Headquarters Gift Certificate!  All you have to do is show your check-in to the store clerks at Urban Beach House located inside The Headquarters. How easy is that!

Speaking of social media! We want to see all the fun you’re having during the festival,  so make sure to tweet, instagram and Facebook your memories throughout the weekend using the hashtags;  #seaportvillage #buskerfest15

Follow Seaport Village on Twitter and Instagram-  @seaport_village

But wait! That’s not all! We are having another one of our super cool and fun blog photo contests where you can win a $50 Seaport Village  gift certificate (valid at all of our shops and restaurants).  Here are the details on the contest. (link coming soon)  Make sure you snap away at the festival and send me all your beautiful photos by March 16th!


On Saturday, March 7th come to Buskers After Dark for the risqué side of Seaport Village. We will have food and drink specials from our food court eateries 7 to 10pm in the Food Court.  This event is 18+ please. Free entrance, buskers will be accepting tips. There will also be a DJ between each busker act.

Lots of tips, right?  Aren’t you so glad that you read this and are now up to date with all the good stuff happening this weekend? 

I’ll see you all at the village on March 7th and 8th 12pm sharp!

Boardwalk Betty

2015 Busker Festival/Buskers After Dark Photo Contest

The Seaport Village Spring Busker Festival  is back on March 7-8th, 12pm-6pm.  And we all know that this is the perfect festival to do a photo contest for.  All that fire, juggling, unicycling, you’re bound to snap a great photo. 

How does it work? 

Similar to our past photo contests (ahem, Surfin’ Santa), you will need to take an awesome photo during Busker Festival.  And of course don’t forget to check out our Buskers After Dark on March 7th, 7pm-10pm.  This 18+ event will be racier, with lots of fun entertainment as well as beer and food specials from our food court eateries.   Trust me; you’ll have many photo opportunities at Buskers After Dark.   After you snap the perfect shot, send your photo to boardwalk.betty@yahoo.com by March 16th.  I will then post all the photos submitted on the blog and ask our readers to choose a winner. 

What’s the prize?

The photo with the most votes will win a $50 Seaport Village /The Headquarters Gift Certificate!  The certificate is valid at all of our shops and restaurants.  Score, right?!

I’m so excited to see all your fun photos.  I want to see how much fun you had, so don’t hold back!

Remember the deadline to submit your photo is March 16th!  Send them to me at to be entered into our contest. 

Good luck!

Boardwalk Betty

Introducing the 2015 Busker Festival Line-up

It’s that time! We’re just a couple of weeks away from the 2015 Seaport Village Spring Busker Festival and Buskers After Dark and I’m here to introduce this year’s talented, wacky and extraordinary acts!  Are you ready?  Let’s get into it!

Busker Festival & Buskers After Dark line-up:

Alex Clark

With training from the likes of Cirque Du Soleil, Alex Clark creates a show that is amusing on every level. Jaw-dropping tricks, quick-witted comedy and rocking harmonica jams are all part of this entertainment-filled show that will have audiences laughing the whole way through. 

CREW- Also performing at Buskers After Dark

This San Diego-based percussion group features a unique combination of rhythm and movement repurposing everyday objects for an unbelievable percussive performance. Director and Choreographer Chris Rubio toured with the off-Broadway show STOMP for five years before creating his own percussion movement group. CREW has performed in front of audiences around the United States promoting healthy lifestyles through motivational music and dance.

Derek McAlister as The Twin Tango and Derek Derek- Also performing at Buskers After Dark

Character performer, juggler and comedian Derek McAlister demonstrates his versatility with two separate performances. The Twin Tango is a comedic-mime act filled with breathtaking acrobatics and a 20-foot Chinese pole, while Derek Derek is a high-energy show infused with fire juggling, witty banter and comedy. 

Groovy Guy Show- Also performing at Buskers After Dark

Originally from London, England, performer Guy Collins is an international street performing sensation and recent winner of the Travel Channel’s hit show, “Penn Jillette’s Street Cred.” The Groovy Guy Show contains a wide variety of tricks and stunts ranging from extreme unicycling to tight rope walking. Gasp with delight as he balances above the crowd juggling everything from plumbing tools to razor-sharp knives! 

Kelvin Gordon

A contortionist whose résumé includes past appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Drew Carrey Show,” and “The Osbornes,” Kelvin brings a highly flexible act to this year’s Busker Festival. He demonstrates his talents in a variety of ways, including folding himself inside a clear Plexiglas box!  

Kilted Colin

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Colin Campbell has wowed audiences around the globe with his high-energy variety show. Watch as he plays bagpipes and juggles atop a 8-ft. unicycle – all while wearing a kilt! He’s performed at busker festivals around the world and his unique acts have even landed him appearances on Comedy Central. 

Murrugun the Mystic- Also performing at Buskers After Dark

Featured on AMC’s “Freakshow,” this veteran sideshow star is known worldwide for his spectacular sword swallowing acts. Including fire eating, sword swallowing and a bed of nails, this is an amazing act that you’ll truly have to see to believe.  

Nerdy Noah

Nerdy Noah has performed at festivals all over the United States and abroad. His act includes jaw dropping stunts and tricks, leaving audiences amazed and laughing out loud as he switches from quirky juggler to mini bike stunt man in a matter of seconds. 

The Frisbee Show

Fire juggling, chicken tossing and tons of comedy highlight Greg Frisbee’s one-of-a-kind routine. Greg has performed in all 50 states, multiple cruise ships and 15 countries around the world, while working to perfect this cutting edge show.

The Checkerboard Guy

This comic daredevil from Canada incorporates a variety of props – from flaming torches to a motorized scooter – to perform amazing stunts for the whole family to enjoy. With thousands of busking performances under his belt, David Aiken has performed at busker festivals around the globe and even put on a show for the former Prime Minister of Canada!

Other non competing acts:

The Suburbans (Performing at The Headquarters on March 7th, 12-2pm)

Extreme Rahim (Performing at The Headquarters on March 7th & 8th, 4-6pm)

Carolyn Woods (Live body painting at The Headquarters on March 7th, 2-4pm)

Adrienne Nims (Performing at The Headquarters on March 8th, 12-4pm)

Manny Cepeda Trio (Performing at The Headquarters on March 7th, 2-4pm)

Bronze Baseball Statue (Will be located at Seaport Village throughout the 2 day festival)

Mitchell Walker didgeridoo player (Will be playing the didgeridoo on the Seaport Village boardwalk next to Mystic Mermaid)

Don’t these acts make you want the festival to be today?!  Well, March 7th and 8th is just around the corner, so don’t worry.  Remember, the festival begins at 12 pm and continues until 6 pm.  Buskers After Dark (a racier, 18+ festival) will take place on March 7th, 7-10 pm.  There will be a DJ, beer and wine specials, and more! 

We’ll see you all on March 7th and 8th!

Boardwalk Betty

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