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Guide to the 2014 Busker Festival

The 2014 Busker Festival is days away and per usual, I’m here to give you some very helpful tips in order for you to have an easy breezy and of course FUN Busker Festival!

You ready? Here we go!


The first thing that you will have to do is find parking. 

Parking is available in the Seaport Village lots, where guests pay $3 for the first two hours with validation and $2 every 30 minutes thereafter.

In addition, a complementary shuttle will be provided from the ABM parking lot on the northwest corner of Pacific Highway and West Broadway.  Parking is $12 for up to 10 hours and shuttles will run every 15 minutes from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on both March 29 and 30. 

And of course, we always encourage you all to take public transportation.  You can hop on the trolley and get off at the Seaport Village stop, or you can take the bus.  For more information on public transportation please call 1-800-commute or visit www.sdcommute.com

I suggest that you arrive at least an hour before the festival as the parking lots can get packed fast. 


We have some talented buskers lined-up to perform for you all. Their acts will include fire stunts, awe-inspiring juggling, incredible balancing acts and of course, comedy. An in depth look at each busker & their performance times can be found here.  

Performances will take place at the top of every hour starting at noon in the West Plaza Fountain Area and every half hour starting at 12:30 in the East Plaza Gazebo. Buskers will also be performing, outside of their main performance times, in other parts of Seaport Village, so essentially every corner will have a busker act performing. Outside of the 10 competing Buskers there will be 5 other smaller acts complimenting the already jam-packed festival!

Make sure you pick up a day of flyer to get the scoop on all the weekend activities and performances.  Flyers can be found near the directories and at the two white tents located at each main performance stage. 


I’ve gotten questions on whether or not the performing buskers are competing for a prize.  Yes they absolutely are! They are competing for a People's Choice Award. The busker who wins the People's Choice Award will get a $500 travel voucher so that they can bring their act on the road. We are trying to spread the busking love. You can vote for your favorite busker at one of the two voting booths (marked by white tents) next to each of the main peformance areas.

The buskers are also performing for your tips.  These buskers have traveled from all over the country and the world to show you their art form, so let’s show them some love and come prepared to tip.


Well, aside from all the talented acts, we will have bountiful of giveaway prizes from all of our shops and restaurants . So, get educated on all our Seaport Village shops & restaurants because our emcee will be quizzing you all with some fun trivia!

Do you have a smart phone (who doesn’t these days, right?)? The first 10 people to check-in (each day) on Facebook at Seaport Village during Festival hours get a $10 Seaport Village Gift Certificate! All you have to do is show your check-in to the store clerks at Tervis located at East Plaza of Seaport Village. How easy is that!

Speaking of social media! We want to see all the fun you’re having during the festival,  so make sure to tweet, instagram and Facebook your memories throughout the weekend using the hashtags;  #seaportvillage #buskerfest14 #afterdark14

Follow Seaport Village on Twitter and Instagram- @seaport_village

But wait! That’s not all! We are having another one of our super cool and fun blog photo contests where you can win a $50 Seaport Village gift certificate (valid at all of our shops and restaurants).  Here are the details on the contest.  Make sure you snap away at the festival and send me all your beautiful photos by April 11th!


On Saturday, March 29th come to Buskers After Dark for the risque side of Seaport Village. $1 beers until the kegs run dry & food specials from our food court eateries if you RSVP here. 7 to 10pm in the Food Court, 18+ please. Free entrance, buskers will be accepting tips. There will also be a DJ between each busker act. This is my favorite part of Busker Festival! (if you are 18+ mind you!) 

PHEW!  Now that’s what I call a blog with lots of tips!  Aren’t you so glad that you read this and got up to date with all the good stuff happening this weekend? 

I’ll see you all at the village on March 29th and 30th 12pm sharp!

Boardwalk Betty

2014 Busker Festival/Buskers After Dark Photo Contest

Another festival, another photo contest.  Our Spring Busker Festival and Buskers After Dark is coming to town on March 29-30th, 12pm-6pm.  What better time to do a photo contest?!  Let’s face it, there will be so many amusing spectacles that you’ll automatically be snapping away all weekend long!  

How does it work?  Here’s a reminder-

Similar to our past photo contests during our Halloween Bash and Surfin’ Santa, you will need to take some crazy awesome photos during the Spring Busker Festival. And don’t forget to check out our Buskers After Dark event on March 29th, 7pm-10pm.  There will be lots of 18+ fun as well as discounted food and $1 beer!  Clearly, lots of great photo opportunities there too.  After you snap the perfect shot send your photo to boardwalk.betty@yahoo.com by April 11th.  I will then post all the photos submitted on the blog and ask our readers to choose a winner. 

What’s the prize?

The photo with the most votes will win a $50 Seaport Village/The Headquarters Gift Certificate!  The certificate is valid in all of our shops and restaurants.  Now that’s what I call a good time! 

I’m positive you guys will be able to take some crazy pictures with all the killer buskers we have lined up for you!

Remember the deadline to submit your photo is APRIL 11th!  Send them to me at to be entered into our contest. 

Good luck!

Boardwalk Betty

Announcing the 2014 Busker Festival and Buskers After Dark Line-up

I know you’ve all been waiting for this moment, well it’s here! We are finally announcing the amazing Buskers Festival and Buskers After Dark  line-up.  These folks are not only talented, but they’re also traveling from all over the world to be here.  That’s right, two of our buskers are coming to us from Japan and Norway!  Way cool, right? 

Alright, without further ado, here is our talented 2014 roster!

Buskers Festival line-up: 

Aerialist Revolution 

Hanging 30 feet up in the air, these incredible acrobats will astound and inspire audiences with their beautiful performances. Featuring daring maneuvers and physically demanding routines, this group takes entertainment to new heights. 

Baard Kolstad 

Sited as being the next Ringo Starr, this performer is sure to give you a stellar show. Hailing all the way from Norway, Baard is a YouTube sensation with some serious talent. You won’t want to miss this drummer’s performance.

Bekah Smith - Also performing at Buskers After Dark 

Full of laugh-out-loud comedy and unique circus stunts, this high-energy act will leave audiences wanting more. Bekah takes juggling and unicycling to a whole new level with her dazzling tricks and contagious excitement.

Cate Flaherty 

Cate, an award-winning entertainer, will charm crowds with her unique blend of juggling and acrobatics. Her seemingly endless handstands will make you wonder why she ever walks on two legs!

Ace-Ko  - Also performing at Buskers After Dark 

Like a ninja, Eisuke’s moves are swift and precise. His jaw-dropping routine will amaze crowds as he performs a unique set of acrobatics and juggling. This Japanese sensation is a must-see!

Evan Young  

Armed with a mix of quick wit, youthful energy and stunning juggling skills, Evan keeps audiences laughing, amused and astounded. As an internationally-trained performer, Evan has amazed countless audiences around the world.

Skip Banks   - Also performing at Buskers After Dark 

Known as “The Balloon Man” Skip’s human balloon act is sure to bring laughs and gasps of awe. This one-of-a-kind act has helped Skip achieve national recognition on programs such as NBC’s Extreme Variety Special. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

Style Proz Crew  

This elite team of street dancers has been featured on “America’s Got Talent” and can be seen in Venice Beach, Chicago, Hawaii and more! Their unique breakdancing style and tricks can’t be beat.

Mitchell Walker  

Mitchell might fool you to think you're strolling the Australian outback when you hear his tantalizing Didgeridoo sounds. The Aboriginal instrument requires the challenging act of circular breathing and creates a sound like you've never heard before.  

Marcus Wilson  

Funny man Marcus Wilson will keep you laughing throughout his entire performance as he juggles while balancing on rolling boards. His unique variety show involves everything from yo-yo tricks to catching bowling balls on his head.

Buskers After Dark line-up:

Murrugun the Mystic  

This Buskers After Dark performer has been featured on AMC’s “Freakshow,” and is recognized worldwide for his spectacularly dangerous sword-swallowing performances. Whether eating fire, swallowing swords or lying on a bed of nails, this is a truly amazing act you won’t want to miss.

We have looked far and wide for this year’s line-up, so we hope you enjoy them on March 29th-30th 12pm-6pm! And don’t forget to stay later on March 29th for our 18+ Buskers After Dark Festival, which will be from 7pm-10pm.  There will be more buskers, a DJ, discounted food and $1 beer from our food court eateries!

How much fun can you squeeze into one weekend, huh?!

Boardwalk Betty

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