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Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Guy

Men could be so tough to shop for sometimes.  Do you get them a subscription to GQ? Do you get them clothes? Us ladies never know.  Well, I’m here to help and give you some ideas in that department. 

California t-shirt and boardshorts from Crazy Shirts for your Cali guy

Price: Shirt- $31  Boardshorts- $54

Corky beer glass from Urban Girl Accessories

Price: $22.95

Nixon watches from San Diego Surf Co.

Price: silver Nixon watch- $175 gold/brown Nixon watch- $150

Hope these items helped you get some ideas for the men in your life.  You can find many other fun options and creative men’s gifts at the stores above along with other Seaport Village stores!

Happy Shopping,

Boardwalk Betty

Gifts For Your Girl

I’ve seen so many men scrambling and running around the week before Valentine’s Day (actually day before Valentine’s day, let’s be real) looking for gifts for their girl.  No need for that.  I’m here to help you out, fellas!  Happy wife, happy life right?  Here are some gift ideas for your sweetheart.

All these items can be found at the amazing Seaport Village stores!

Candle and I’m yours ornament from Mistletoe

Price:  Candle- $17 I’m yours ornament- $7.95

Red passion OPI nail polish from Destination Travel  

Price: $9.99 each

“Nope” Hurley tank top from San Diego Surf Co  

Price: $27

Heart shaped ornaments from Silver Crossing- Great for house decorating!

Price: $10

There you go.  Now you won’t have to do last minute shopping before your date. 

Happy Shopping!

Boardwalk Betty

Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Ideas

Can you believe it’s February already?!  Where did January go?  It’s ok, because February is the month of love and there is so much to look forward to. Namely, Valentine’s Day!

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’m going to post several blogs about gift giving, date night, and V-day outfit ideas!  All these things can be found at the most romantic spot of all, Seaport Village

Today’s blog is dedicated to starting off the month with a pinch of love.  Here are a few options that are fun and affordable to kick start the month of love. 

Get into the spirit of Valentine’s day with these I love you mugs from The Mugger

Price:  Small black mug- $7.99  Large red and white mug- $12.99

On the go? No problem, Tervis has got you covered with these to go Valentine’s Day Mugs- AND Tervis has a lifetime guarantee on all their mugs!

Price: $11-$25

Staying in? Wine tastes so much better in Amore glasses from Urban Girl Accessories, don’t you think?

Price: $28.95

And lastly, since it’s the month of love, give back some love with this Love 4 Bernie xoxo keychain from Urban Girl Accessories

Price: $10.95

Hope these gift ideas help you start the month of love off right!  I’ll be back with more fun V-day blogs soon!


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