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Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch

If you love your mom AND champagne, you’re in luck because  Buster’s Beach House located on the Seaport Village boardwalk will be offering a Mother’s Day champagne buffet brunch on May 10th from 10 am-3 pm.  A beautiful view for a beautiful woman.  Sounds perfect! 

Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day Brunch

No regular menus will be available during brunch, dinner menu available from 4-9 pm. Reservations recommended.  To make a reservation, call (619)233-4300 or email .  

Grab the family and let loose on this special day with mom. 


Boardwalk Betty

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More Mother’s Day Specials

Seaport Village wants to make sure your Mother’s Day is filled with good food and family time.  So, we’re here to  announce ANOTHER special on top of the other great brunch specials we have already shared.

Asaggio Pizza Pasta Plus is  offering a great Mother’s Day deal.  1 New York style cheese pizza, a choice of one large dinner or antipasti salad and up to 4 regular drinks for only $24.99!  Come on, now that’s an awesome deal! 

So, if you want to spend time with mom at the village but don’t want to do a sit down brunch, Asaggio is here for you!  And it doesn’t hurt that they have a great view too.

Enjoy and happy Mother’s Day!

Boardwalk Betty

Spend Mother’s Day with us!

The day to celebrate the first woman in your life is coming right up.  So, how are you treating her?  Presents?  Wine and dine?

Seaport Village has it all to make Mom’s day as special as possible!

Start with a brunch at Harbor House Restaurant.  Strawberry Spinach Salad, Waffles, Eggs Benedict and so much more.  This menu will not disappoint.   Make your reservations now! 

And why not buy mom a present to go along with that brunch?  These statues available at Urban Girl Accessories  are sure to wow her!  Prices for the statues start at $50.

After all the festivities, you can take a walk through the village and unwind with mom.  Sounds like the perfect Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Boardwalk Betty

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