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"Best Seat in the House” Contest – Harbor House, Edgewater Grill, and Pier Cafe

If you're a San Diegan, I'm sure you know about the 4th of July Big Bay Boom fireworks and how Seaport Village is the perfect viewing location.  The village gets pretty crowded on the 4th and people tend to camp out here in hopes of catching the best fireworks view.

Well, we've teamed up with our 3 waterfront restaurants- Harbor House, Edgewater Grill, and SD Pier Cafe for a contest for the best 4th of July seats.  Here's how it works:

Mention each of the restaurants on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram between June 15 and July 1 using the hashtag for each restaurant and get yourself entered to win the “Best Seat in the House” for the 4th of July Fireworks in Seaport Village!

We do not take reservations at all on the 4th, so this is extra special!

NOTE: Each restaurant is running their own contest*.


  • The table will be available to you and up to three other people (minimum of 2 and a max of 4 people), beginning at 7:00pm on July 4.
  • Get to Seaport Village early enough to get a parking spot in one of the lots and you will get your parking paid for 100% (we cannot save  a spot, so plan on getting here early if you’d like to take advantage of this); one car per group and restaurant.
  • Spend a minimum of $100 and you will get $50 off of your bill (gratuity on the total original bill not included).

Want to know what your view will be?

Edgewater Grill view

Note: The photos posted are not guaranteed to be the exact table you'll get, but it will be a fabulous table!

SD Pier Cafe view 

Note: The photos posted are not guaranteed to be the exact table you'll get, but it will be a fabulous table!

Harbor House Restaurant view

Note: The photos posted are not guaranteed to be the exact table you'll get, but it will be a fabulous table!

Fine Print / AKA, Rules:

You must be following our accounts in order to qualify (Example, post to Instagram for Edgewater, but you aren’t following the account? No entry).

  • One entry per post.
  • One hashtag per post.
  • The hashtags are as follows:

o    Harbor House: #July4thBestSeat_HH

o    Edgewater Grill: #July4thBestSeat_EG

o    Pier Café: #July4thBestSeat_PC

  • It will be done by lottery, so every original social media mention using the different hashtags will be entered to win for each separate restaurant

o   Posts in Facebook account (of the page and our posts) and comments & shares on our posts will also count as an additional entry, if the hashtag is used.

o   Tweets and re-tweets on Twitter count,  so long as the hashtag designated for each account is used.

o   Each original post on Instagram, which use the hashtag count.

  • All three platforms will be used, so the more entries you have, the greater your chance of winning!
  • If you win, you will need to be one of the people who takes advantage of the prize in order to redeem it.

·         *Therefore, you may not win for more than one restaurant.

Winners will be informed by end of the day on July 2nd.

Good luck!

Boardwalk Betty

12 Things to do while in San Diego

So you’ve decided to visit the greatest city on the west coast.  Great choice! Now you’re wondering where to go and what to see?  Here are 12 places that will make you plan your next trip before you even get here.  Enjoy!

1. Relax at Seaport Village

May I suggest a scone and coffee at Upstart Crow Coffee House?

2. Check out the museums at Balboa Park

And don’t miss the Japanese Friendship Garden

As you can see, they have the most breathtaking views!

4. When in San Diego, of course visit the San Diego Zoo and/or Safari Park

The Safari Park has a new Tiger Trail that opened on May 24th! 

5. Take a tour of the historic USS Midway

Note- They have discounted tickets for students and Military

6. Explore the marine life at Birch Aquarium

They’re a hit with kids!

7. Have lunch or dinner at Hotel Del Coronado

Did you know that celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe filmed at the hotel?

8. Take the kids to Legoland

Their new exhibit “Chima” opened on May 24th! 

9. Check out La Jolla Cove

Or do some standup paddleboarding at La Jolla Shores

10. Go on a Harbor Cruise with Hornblower or Flagship cruises

It’s the perfect date night idea!

11. Grab tacos and a margarita at Puesto at The Headquarters

The Headquarters was once the old San Diego Police Headquarters, which still features doors, fixtures and cell blocks from 1939! 

12. Check out the Carbrillo National Monument

The park features a 19th century lighthouse!

Have a blast in San Diego and come back soon!

Boardwalk Betty

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Seaport Village

You’ve all walked through the enchanting streets of Seaport Village, but do you know the fun facts that truly make Seaport Village unique?  Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Seaport Village. 

1. Seaport Village is built on landfill over Punta de los Muertos 

It was where the Spanish Expedition of 1782 buried those who died of scurvy. 

2. The Historic Carousel was built in 1895 and it features hand carved animals 

The ride was originally built by the legendary Charles I. D. Looff in Riverside, Rhode Island and had several different homes before it landed in San Diego.

3. The village was designed to be a car-free environment

This is why it features 4 miles of winding paths instead of streets. 

4. Before the very popular Surfin’ Santa Arrival, Seaport Village’s Christmas event was called "Deck the Palms"!

Santa coming in on a jetpack is way more fun, don’t you think?

5. Harbor House Restaurant was the first restaurant at Seaport Village

The restaurant was established in 1980 and still serves delicious seafood today!

Bet you didn’t know all these insider secrets, huh?  Seaport Village is so much more than its beautiful exterior.

Boardwalk Betty

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