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Serviceman VIP Treatment Prize

Per usual, the 2014 Big Bay Boom fireworks will be happening on 4th of July in San Diego benefiting The Armed Forces YMCA.  The fireworks are launched in several locations including Shelter Island, Harbor Island, Seaport Village and Coronado.  

What will the view be like?  Glad you asked! 

It’s become a tradition for many San Diegans to watch the beautiful fireworks at Seaport Village.  This year, Seaport Village has teamed up with 105.7 The Walrus radio station for some extra fun at the village.  The Walrus will be broadcasting on site on the 4th and giving away prizes throughout the day.  They will also be broadcasting the music that the fireworks are synched to at 9pm, so make sure you tune in!

This year, The Walrus listeners get to nominate a serviceman and his/her family for a chance to win a waterfront balcony fireworks viewing area and catered dinner.  Best prize ever!

Send your nominations to Nolan and Kim at to honor a military member.  They will notify the winner.

If you’re a regular at Seaport Village during the fireworks, I’m sure you know how crazy it gets down here on the 4th.  So, this prize is extra special as it allows a serviceman/woman to enjoy a VIP viewing area away from the crowds. 

Get to nominating and preparing for the 4th.  We sure are!

See you then!

Boardwalk Betty

World Cup Merchandise at Sports Headquarters

Are you as crazy as I am about the World Cup?  I don’t blame you.   It’s been a great week of games so far.  And I’m sure you’d want to support your team as much as possible, right?

Well, Sports Headquarters located inside Seaport Village has the World Cup merchandise to help you do just that!  Jerseys, jackets,  team t-shirts, hats, and so much more! 

But wait that’s not all!! If you’re shopping at the village while the games are on, you can go into Sports HQ and watch the games live on their TVs!  Can you say grade A service or what!?

So, stop by and get in the world cup spirit with your team’s merchandise!  And hey, maybe stay there and watch the whole game.  We won’t tell your family.

Boardwalk Betty

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Michael Flohr Art Exhibition- “A Moment in Time”

The Seaport Village EC Gallery is hosting another amazing art exhibition.  This time for Michael Flohr.

On June 20-22, San Diego native and artist Michael Flohr will host a three day exhibition at Exclusive Collections’ Seaport Village Gallery, “A Moment in Time”. The exhibition’s theme will focus on the artist’s travels and observations of city life.

Who is Michael Flohr?  Flohr, who has been named a Top Artist by Art Business News for three consecutive years, aims to capture the human experience through his urban impressionist techniques. He allows the viewer to experience a timeless moment by depicting city life and streetscapes. Flohr draws inspiration from his surroundings, many of which include San Diego landmarks like Coronado, the Del Mar Racetrack and Balboa Park. His latest fine art limited edition painting, Romance in the Rain, depicts a couple sharing an umbrella in Italy’s Piazza Navona. His technique of using square brush strokes draws the eye in, almost making the viewer feel as if they are experiencing the very moment he depicts.

So, come join EC Gallery and get lost in “A Moment in Time”.  The gallery will host complimentary food, wine and champagne.  To RSVP, click here


Friday, June 20 from 6 pm to 9pm

Saturday, June 21 from 6pm to 9pm

Sunday, June 22 from 12pm to 5pm

See you all there!

Boardwalk Betty

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